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Political Bloggers Network Charter

Political Bloggers Network is an online group for Democracies Online.

The purpose of Political Bloggers Network is to connect political bloggers from around the world for mutual aid and benefit. This is a tactical information exchange. Political debates (except those about blogging) are not allowed on the forum but are encouraged among bloggers..

Political Bloggers Network opened WILL OPEN with 250 members and will run on an ongoing basis.

Membership and Roles

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The forum manager of Political Bloggers Network is Steven Clift.

Participation Guidelines

Participants in Political Bloggers Network agree to:

  • No discussion of political issues.
  • No political advocacy or promotion of individual posts.
  • contribute value publicly via forums and to not reply to other participants off-line with commercial solicitations (you must share value publicly so people come to you if you provide services)
  • follow the effective participation practices in the Participation Guide

All public and private forums hosted by Democracies Online seek to make a positive contribution to democracy, good governance, and citizen participation. Participants using a forum outside the scope of their stated purpose may have their access to a forum limited upon notification by a representative of Democracies Online. If you are aware of a violation of the spirit of this charter and these guidelines, please contact us.