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Topics in Newswire - Steven Clift's Democracies Online Newswire
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Facebook: Building Global Community - What's your response to Mark Zuckerberg? 2 Steven Clift at 12:09pm, Feb 22
Any new states preparing for online voter registration? 1 Steven Clift at 12:33am, Feb 22
UK: [opengovpioneers] We are looking to commission an equality awareness trainer for #opengovpioneers on March 2nd pm in London 1 Steven Clift at 2:05pm, Feb 16
NYT: A Low-Tech Guide to Becoming More Politically Active 1 Steven Clift at 9:18pm, Feb 09
Special request: Describe me/my work in one line? 1 Steven Clift at 6:07pm, Feb 03
PTI Announces Partnership with NACo and NLC 1 Steven Clift at 1:23am, Feb 03
Report: Messenger apps during humanitarian crises 1 Steven Clift at 3:22pm, Feb 01
UK Consultations ... GovCamp, jobs and digital democracy tips 1 Steven Clift at 2:55pm, Feb 01
How the Twitter Presidency hijacked e-democracy, plus solutions to your digital dilemmas 1 Steven Clift at 8:55pm, Jan 26
mySociety: Crowdsourcing information on EU commissioners’ travel expenses 1 Steven Clift at 12:03pm, Jan 26
DC UnHappy Hour - Digital Resistance v. Digital Power - This Friday 2 Steven Clift at 3:16am, Jan 26
[civicmedia-researchers] CFP: Abusive Language Online 1 Steven Clift at 3:42pm, Jan 19
Today: Knight-Civic Hall Symposium on Tech, Politics and the Media 1 Steven Clift at 12:51pm, Jan 18
[brigade-organizers] The President's final ask of us 1 Steven Clift at 3:28pm, Jan 13
NPR: Can virtual reality make you more empathic? 1 Steven Clift at 1:41pm, Jan 10
Vox: What we’ve learned from our Facebook community for Obamacare enrollees 1 Steven Clift at 1:37am, Jan 07
[ogp] #BestofOGP16: Links and updates from the 4th OGP Global Summit 1 Steven Clift at 11:23pm, Dec 21
DDC announces new leadership 1 Steven Clift at 7:02pm, Dec 21
[ogp] CLD: Joint Letter Regarding UNESCO’s Access to Information Policy 1 Steven Clift at 1:42pm, Dec 21
Isaacson: The internet is broken. Starting from scratch, here's how I'd fix it. 1 Steven Clift at 4:14pm, Dec 15