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Local E-Democracy Exchange Charter

Local E-Democracy Exchange is an online group for Democracies Online.

The purpose of Local E-Democracy Exchange is to connect at least 500 local e-democracy practitioners around the world through online exchange and periodic live web/teleconference events..

Local E-Democracy Exchange opened with 500 members and funding and will run ongoing basis.

Membership and Roles

Membership in Local E-Democracy Exchange is open to all.

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Participation Guidelines

Participants in Local E-Democracy Exchange agree to:

  • contribute value publicly via forums and to not reply to other participants off-line with commercial solicitations (you must share value publicly so people come to you if you provide services)
  • follow the effective participation practices in the Participation Guide

All public and private forums hosted by Democracies Online seek to make a positive contribution to democracy, good governance, and citizen participation. Participants using a forum outside the scope of their stated purpose may have their access to a forum limited upon notification by a representative of Democracies Online. If you are aware of a violation of the spirit of this charter and these guidelines, please contact us.