Topics in Online Consultations, Dialogues, and E-Participation

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Topics in Online Consultations, Dialogues, and E-Participation
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Consult@ Group Moved to new Exchange@ for practitioner exchange - Closed to new postings here 1 Steven Clift at 3:59pm, Aug 19, 2009
Need your feedback - Consolidating DoWire groups for international e-democracy exchange? 2 Steven Clift at 3:36pm, Aug 18, 2009
EU R&D in ICT consultation, EU governments contribute 'small part', Europe nearly absent in Internet industry. 1 Sergio Quiroz at 9:44pm, Aug 05, 2009
Facebook not MySpace or Facebook and MySpace for Civic Orgs/Governments 9 Carol Hayward at 9:52pm, Jul 14, 2009
Live now - Participation Camp Pre-Event Chat on Skype 1 Steven Clift at 4:36pm, Jun 22, 2009
Survey on Social Media in Public Life E-Conference Idea 1 Steven Clift at 3:01pm, Jun 11, 2009
Open Government Dialogue: 26 Tips for Improving Phase 2 1 Tim Bonnemann at 10:33pm, Jun 10, 2009
Methods to Limit Hjacking Online Consultations 2 Tom Kaneko at 10:28am, Jun 03, 2009
FW: EPA News Release (HQ): New Online Forum Promotes Transparency and Openness in Government 1 James Gilmour at 5:45pm, May 29, 2009
Query - Civic Problem-Solving Using Social Media 1 Steven Clift at 5:55pm, May 15, 2009 IT Dialogue - Realize it can't be GovDigg 2.0, or risk failing as 0.9 3 Chris Berendes at 12:04pm, May 04, 2009
[sunlightlabs] Online collaboration with stakeholders 1 Michael Allan at 1:34am, May 04, 2009
Online collaboration with stakeholders 1 Steven Clift at 2:55pm, Apr 29, 2009
Online Event - White House to Host Dialogue on IT Solutions for Economic Recovery - Starts Apr. 27, 2009 2 Reginald Cottle at 4:26pm, Apr 23, 2009
Job in new EU e-participation project: Hub websites for youth participation 1 David Newman at 7:21pm, Mar 16, 2009
GlassTop 4 Michael Allan at 9:21am, Feb 27, 2009
Somewhat off topic, What the US caN learn about health care from the rest of the world. 1 Repyke To Update at 2:31am, Feb 01, 2009
Change.Gov Open for Questions 7 Michael Allan at 2:24am, Feb 01, 2009
Intercultural Diplomacy 1 ICD at 2:22pm, Jan 22, 2009 launches online discussion around healthcare 15 Hans Hagedorn at 1:12pm, Jan 19, 2009